Zero Line Pressure Conveyor

Zero line Pressure

Interroll ZLP
Interroll 560 Zone Zero Line Pressure Conveyor

This Interroll roller conveyor on the bottom tier is almost 140 meters long and turns right at the compactor. This is fully zero line pressure incorporating 560 zones, each zone having a sensor and roller motor. Each section of conveyor has a Multi-controller card on it. Each Multi-controller card is controlled via Profi-net, giving full flexibility for expansion in the future.

The output of this conveyor feeds onto a flexi-conveyor which can then be manoeuvred to reach the required position or lorry.

With ZLP, when the conveyor is full or empty it is silent, as the motors only run when needed. For instance, if a single box is placed on the conveyor it will be moved to the end by running only 1 or 2 motors at the same time. This can also save money on electricity.

Belt Conveyor

The top conveyor is a belt conveyor and runs along one side and deposits  spent cardboard into a compactor/bailer. Sensors along the belt shut down the motors when the compactors hopper is full preventing over filling. The belt conveyor was bridged so as to clear personnel when in use.

Interroll Gate
Interroll Belt over Gate